We embrace a world where everyone belongs, and stand with #BlackLivesMatter.

Ways to get involved beyond our community

Donate to the movement

If you can, consider financially supporting the NAACP and the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

Support Color Of Change

Visit ColorOfChange.org to join and donate to the movement.

Participate in Blackout Day

On July 7th, only spend money at Black-owned businesses.

 We look for:​

  • Drivers looking to be highly valued and appreciated for the work they do

  • Drivers looking for the best pay

  • Drivers with a safety-first mindset and who want to drive full time and make substantial money

  • Drivers looking to be part of a corporation with a family-focused approach and camaraderie!


When it comes to drivers, you won’t find another company who understands or cares more about your life and work situation better, especially your desire as a professional driver. 

We want you to join our Ridvy family.