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RIDVY Receives Legal Notice from Competitor, LYFT

New Ridesharing Company RIDVY Receives Legal Notice from Competitor, LYFT

January 10th, 2019

Palo Alto, California – Ridesharing services have become very popular across the United States since Uber released their mobile app roughly 9 years ago. It gives ordinary people with vehicles the ability to make money by driving local residents or tourists to their destinations. Meanwhile, it is a way for passengers to receive a transportation service that is cheaper and faster than a traditional taxi cab. Now that Uber is worth billions of dollars from this in-demand service, it should be no surprise that other ridesharing companies are forming as well.

The newest ridesharing company is called RIDVY. Their services are open to drivers and passengers nationwide. They even claim to be a low-cost ridesharing solution, implying that their competitors are more expensive. This has apparently caught the attention of drivers because the company is seeing thousands of new driver registrations being submitted on a weekly basis.

While everything seems to be going great for RIDVY, they received an unflattering letter in the mail not too long ago. The second most popular ridesharing company, LYFT, apparently sent a legal notice to RIDVY which accused them of copyright infringement. Of course, leaders of RIDVY deny committing any copyright infringement against LYFT. RIDVY believes this is just a classic case of a big corporation trying to eliminate their competition before they get too big and powerful in the marketplace.

“I knew one day this kind of legal notice might come,” said RIDVY CEO Josh Blancett. “Our ridesharing company is growing faster than ever with thousands of new drivers signing up each week. It’s the RIDVY Revolution and LYFT can’t stand it. They are using a legal tactic where they try to destroy their growing competition before they overtake them in the marketplace. It is really a sad thing to see.”

“Ridesharing should not be an industry which is dominated by one or two companies. People want to have multiple options for the ridesharing services they use. It is no different than having multiple airlines or cell phone carriers to choose from. All people want is the freedom to choose and we hope that RIDVY can be one more choice for them to consider making.”

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